Recommended Automotive Locksmith

We here at Country Motors have developed partnerships with many different kinds of vendors, and on a regular basis we will share these with you.  Our first partnership is a local locksmith, and we’ll show you exactly why you should put your trust in this locksmith before all else.

Imagine you are in a hurry only to quickly insert your key into the ignition and break it. You were probably rushing to an interview or to cut a mouthwatering deal. All your anxiety vanishes in a flash, but don’t worry as this Automotive Locksmith is here to rescue from your situation, wherever you are and at whatever time of the day or night.

This locksmith offers a swift response time of up to 30 minutes to ensure you are not inconvenienced for long. The automotive locksmith has assembled together a team of qualified technicians who are registered and insured to operate as locksmiths.

Among others, the locksmith offers the following services; lock picking, transponder key cutting, standard key cutting, spare key making, high security lock installation, key programming for remote keys and master key cutting.

However, we advise our clients not to hire just any automotive locksmith as there are many criminals posing as locksmiths but their sole intent is to steal from you. Consider the following before you hire any Locksmith;


Many of the people posing as locksmiths lack the required expertise and experience. Some of them are just out to make quick money. An experienced automotive locksmith is able to work on a variety of locks including the most complex ones unlike someone fresh from training.


Price charged by the locksmith

You don’t have to break the bank in order to access a locksmith’s services. Select a locksmith who charges a fair price. Don’t settle on the cheapest price as it could mean that the locksmith is less qualified and would do a poor job. Most locksmiths consider the nature of the job and the time of day when arriving at their price.


You cannot predict when next you will lose your keys, unfortunately lock them in your car or when your locks will develop problems. As such, you need a locksmith who works round the clock. This way you are sure to get help whenever you have an emergency with your car locks.

Professional affiliation

Hiring an automotive locksmith associated with a professional body shows that you are hiring someone serious about his job. It also shows they are well trained and up to date with the latest developments in the industry. It is also important to ensure they are insured so that in case they damage your vehicle, the insurance company compensates you.

We highly recommend this locksmith for all your car locks needs. The locksmith meets all the above requirements according to our evaluation. We have a good working relationship with them and our clients who have worked with the locksmith are all praises of the company. I understand that they are able to handle locks of different automobile brands. They have heavily invested in the latest technology. This enables them to work swiftly and efficiently to ensure their clients are not inconvenienced for long. They are also warm and friendly people who carry themselves in a professional manner.

Click here to find out more about this locksmith and if you are having problems with your car locks, contact them to see how they can help you out.

Highest Rated SUV

Posted on February 9, 2016 in SUV

Many consider SUVs the perfect vehicle for families. But this type of vehicle is also preferred by a lot of people belonging in the single population. So what makes the SUV a popular option among a lot of people? There are various factors and features that contribute to the SUVs popularity. For one, they are chosen due to the power of their engines. SUVs also offer ample leg room and storage capability. Finally, many car reviewers say that SUVs provide better control and can handle better under any weather and terrain condition.

If you are also interested to buy your first Highest Rated SUV, there are certain considerations and tips that you have to keep in mind to make sure you will be investing in the right one. Below are some of these key considerations and tips:

Consider the size of the SUV. SUVs are categorized into three types: compact, mid-size and full-size. The bigger the SUV is, the more expensive it is. However, keep in mind that a bigger vehicle also offers more cargo space. In terms of size, car experts recommend that you find something that works for you and/or your family.

Determine if a truck or car-based SUV is the best fit for you. A truck-based SUV will enable you to tow a lot more weight and trigger extra off-road mobility. They are sturdier, heavier than car-based SUVs. Car-based SUVs or crossovers, on the other hand, tend to handle better, have more efficient fuel economy, and provides a quieter, more comfortable ride with more interior room.

Get details about the vehicle’s fuel economy. If it’s your first time to buy an SUV, make sure you learn everything about the engine. If you’re leaning towards a compact SUV, you can either choose the 4 or the 6-cylinder engine. Industry experts say that the 4-cylinder SUV is the most economical car you could be getting when it comes to SUVs since this can reach mileages located in the low up to the mid-twenties. A sports model SUV features the 6-cylinder engine and it can also be found in the 4 or 8-cylinder engine variety. Lastly, the 6-cylinder option records an average located in the upper teens.

There are variety of sizes and styles to choose from when selecting your sport utility vehicle. Details will vary among different car manufacturers, but generally SUV dealers will offer four size options: compact, mid-size, full-size, and hybrid. Compact is the smallest size option, featuring two to three rows of seats and plenty of cargo space. This option is ideal for buyers who are interested in sporty transportation that offers a bit more room than a sedan. Mid-size Sports Utility Vehicle are capable of seating up to seven individuals, but maintain maneuverability and sportiness. The largest option is full-size. This designation refers to vehicles designed for large families, seating from eight to ten passengers, or for towing purposes. The newest edition to the SUV family is the hybrid. Hybrids are around the size of compacts, but they feature gas or electric drivetrains. This allows you to appreciate the advantages of a sport utility vehicle, while alleviating one of the major drawbacks to owning a bigger car–gas consumption.

Once you’ve narrowed your options, it’s time to start visiting SUV dealers. Visit multiple dealerships and be sure to research prices and financing options ahead of time. There is always room for negotiation when making your purchase, so it is helpful to have a prospective selling price in mind. In most cases, negotiating is the most stressful part of buying a new car. Use the following tips to ensure you pay a reasonable price:

Set a Limit

When financing, it can be easy to be persuaded into paying to a slightly higher quote than expected. Know the maximum amount you’re willing to spend before you visit any SUV dealers and do not budge. If a dealer won’t meet your price, move on to the next dealership.

Focus on Selling Price

Some sellers will try to negotiate your monthly payment, but it’s beneficial to look at the bigger picture. A low monthly payments, does not necessarily indicate a reasonable selling price. Keep your focus on the bottom line when negotiating.

Wait for Counter Offer

If the dealer says no to your first offer, don’t immediately make another. Always wait for a counter offer. This will allow you to better gauge negotiations. The salesman has a lowest offer and you can bet he doesn’t start the negation with it, so be prepared for some back-and-forth.

Never raise your offer by more than $250-$300 at a time. If you raise your bid in small increments, you’ll be far less likely to overshoot your opponent’s lowest price.

Finally, remember to stay calm and clear-headed. Keep in mind that you are the customer, you have the cash, and at the end of the day SUV dealers want to get rid of their merchandise. Good luck!

Best Family Sedan

Posted on February 9, 2016 in Sedan
Sedan Buying Guide

Sedan Buying Guide

Why would anyone want to drive a sedan? Well I think anybody who owns a sedan would agree that needing more space is the main reason people choose to drive sedans. Sedans are known to be the family type of car, the type of car you can throw your children, dog and luggage in with room to spare. So it is the practicality of the vehicle which makes it a winner with families and people who enjoy road trips.

When one is single it is easy to fit all of your belongings into a car but when you have a family the task becomes a bit more tricky. Sedans seat a minimum of 4 people comfortably with ample space in the back for cargo. Even though a sedan has different compartments for passengers and cargo the back seats can often be dropped in order to load more cargo when passengers do not need the seating. This makes it very convenient for loading large items and for rearranging a larger number of smaller items to fit in the space.

One of the main attractions when looking to buy a sedan is the ample cargo space however it does not mean that great design and luxury needs to take the back seat. Sedans come in different sizes and models. You can discover an extremely economical little to medium-sized sedan or a bigger extravagance sedan the decision relies on upon what your requirements and spending plan are. Both the little to medium size and the extravagance sedans have their focal points and impediments.

Fuel proficiency is additionally another point which numerous purchasers consider before purchasing a car. Sedans which are little and moderate sized are more effective than the extravagance renditions. An extravagance sedan is greater and in view of its size it utilizes more fuel, so in the event that you need a family car which is practical then I would propose going for a little to medium size sedan. The bigger extravagance sort sedan additionally has an all the more intense motors which is required in view of the heaviness of the sedan.

Another burden of driving a greater sedan is that discovering stopping turns out to be truly troublesome. This sort of vehicle is ideal for when used to bring weekend breaks with the family yet can be unreasonable when expecting to invest heaps of energy driving in urban areas. Littler to medium size sedans offer you and your family the solace of driving in a roomy car while as yet permitting the driver simplicity of movement and adaptability.

At the point when purchasing a sedan your essential concern is purchasing a car which has enough space. Whilst purchasing an extravagance car is dependably an issue of individual taste and money related assets, for a dominant part of individuals simple taking care of and fuel productivity are still real concerns when purchasing a car which is the reason the little to medium size sedan’s are ideal for a little family. There are many makes and models of family, sports and luxury sedans on the market. Spend some time doing some online research and you are sure to find a sedan which suits your needs.